Where else is Roberto on the web?

Some other places where I've ended up on the interweb. Most of these are pretty trivial!


Nethack is an amazing computer game going back over twenty years but still developed until at least quite recently. I have a bit of a weakness for it but I justify it to myself by claiming it's good for you in the some edutainment sort of way; it is very esoteric and the complexities are more byzantine than its mazes. I mostly play online on the server at nethack.alt.org, a sort of geek super-hub for nethack players. You can see how I am doing (and if I am playing too much) by checking out my profile roberton.


TED is really good and highly recommended. There are some really interesting talks and many are amusing too. My only quibble is that I don't want to watch any of them, only listen, and some are available as just audio downloads and some are not. However it is a great resource anyway and you can see some of my favourites my looking at my profile page.


Although I listen to music a lot more than I used to, LastFM doesn't really capture it because I mostly use either the hifi or my phone, not my computer. But if I do use the computer it gets scrobbled here.


I'm the owner of the nerici.org domain and the top level page at www.nerici.org. If you are a Nerici (hi!) and are interested in having a page here then please feel free to contact me. My contact details are on my main Roberto Nerici page.

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