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Hi. I'm a thirty-something male software developer living in Cheshire, England with my partner and two children. Welcome to my web page...


As I said, I'm a software developer by living. If you want to know more then my LinkedIn profile acts as an online CV/resume or you can ask for more information by email (see below).

I also sometimes write software just for fun. Much of this isn't worth sharing but some publicly available projects can be found at (warning: deliberately geeky website, approach with caution).

Away from computers I'm involved in my children's school, Lostock Gralam Primary School, where I am currently the Chair of the Governing Body. If you want to contact me in this regard then usually it is best to do it through the school but otherwise email me at the address below.

One of my other hobbies is running, which I took up in summer 2008 when I entered myself for a 10K race on a whim and then surprised myself by actually enjoying it. Those that know me might have a slight interest in my page at FetchEveryone where you can see my times for previous races, what forthcoming events I've decided to enter and whether I've actually been training for them...

How (to contact me)


You can email me at:  roberto.nerici (at) gmail (dot) com

I prefer plain text emails as they just work everywhere but if you don't know what this means then don't worry about it.


As well as my LinkedIn page mentioned above, I can also be contacted via my facebook page.


Just for completeness, this page has links to some other places I pop up on the web.

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