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Javascript Super Star Trek.

What is it?

This is my Javascript port of the classic 1970s Super Star Trek game, one of a number of (mostly) related trek-themed games from that era. Step into the flared trousers of James T Kirk and command the Enterprise to repel an invasion of evil Klingon battlecruisers.

How to play it

The whole point of porting it to Javascript was that you can just click on a link and play it there and then in your browser.
So here you go...

Why did I write this?

"Because it was there"? No, not really.

I wrote it because Super Star Trek, or a version of it anyway, was the very first computer game I ever played. When I was about 10 my Dad used to often go into work on a Saturday morning and take me with him. They had just got a Commodore Pet then, their first computer, and as well as the programs they were writing on it to do heat loss/gain calculations and all the rest, people had also got hold of some games for it. So while he was doing a bit of work, I'd play on the Pet; it was a good arrangement. There were quite a few games I tried but the one I spent nearly all my time on was a Star Trek game. Turns out that it wasn't written just for the Pet but was a conversion of a game that was available for pretty much any computer with BASIC (and pretty much every computer from mainframes to micros did have BASIC).

So, using the nostalgia-scope that is the internet, I looked around for my fondly-remembered game and found out about this family of games, and in particular Super Star Trek and a port of it to C by Chris Nystrom. It's a simple game with no graphics so wouldn't it be nice to be able to play this just using a browser? C and Javascript are syntactically very similar so porting it from C to Javascript shouldn't be hard... (and it wasn't).


Looking over the history of the game it seems there's a long standing convention that everyone who touches it makes their own little changes, even if they were supposedly just converting it to run on a new machine. I've just about managed to resist doing that, but only by telling myself to save them for another project. I plan to make a more web-oriented version of trek (you know, with basic graphics and such!) so I'll save my new photon-torpedo damage equations for that...

(c) 2009 Roberto Nerici